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Northfield Manor

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January 2018


Happy New Year from all of us at Northfield we wish you all health and happiness.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook will see what a fabulous colaberation we have made with First Steps Nursery it has been an amazing success we have made some wonderful friends and the childrens noise and energy brings so much joy to the residents. We have held activities following various themes including Children in Need and the Gruffalo, we look forward to celebrating Chinese New Year on the 9th Feb a little early we know but we need to accomodate half term!!!

Our older people were invited to the First Steps Nativity Play and given such special treatment with front row seats, it was a very special moment.

We all know time trundles on and as we head towards spring we have lots of other activities planned for our residents. 

Driffield Brownie pack visited before christmas and did some craft activities with the residents they are returning in early March to complete a badge. We are so proud they want to come back its great to create bonds with the wider community.

We are happy to introduce Abbie Oldham who is visiting the home every fortnight , Abbie is a massage therapist and offers hand foot and head massage foir the residents, those who have had them say its wonderful, we are thinking of arranging an evening session for the staff.

We also have another voluntee Mrs Mahon  who has extensive experience of elderly care who visits once a week to carry out some reminiscence therapy with the residents. they seem to really enjoy looking back and it is evident she has lit a spark and memories of past times come flooding back.

We had a visit from Our Lives Our Hull Dance Project and the residents absolutely loved both watching and taking part in the dancing.

I will update you of happenings at Northfield in the early spring xx


October 2017

Exciting News at Northfield Manor

We have been planning a new but very old iniative involving some of our residents and a group of 4 year olds.

After watching the Channel 4 documentary Care Home for 4 year olds a light was switched on in the managers head. It was a very emotional documentary that improved the little ones confidence, communication and understanding of aging, for the residents it gave them a new lease of life and something that helped them on so many levels, they looked forward to spending time with the children and taking part in joint activities but most importantly it helped with feelings of loneliness and gave them the confidence in themselves to do many things they hadnt done for years.

I am delighted to say at the end of October 6 children from First Steps Pre-school will be coming to spend a part of the morning with us at Northfield, this is a new project so I am sure we will have some obstacles to overcome but we are hopeful of a really positive outcome for all involved. We will keep you updated .....exciting times happy times 



August 2017

Its been a while since I updated the blog and plenty has happened since the spring. The living eggs have hatched and gone. James one of our residents has a new best friend a little chihuhua called Woody who has settled in really well and is a hit with the other residents.

Today is Yorkshire Day so the residents have been treated to good old fashioned Yorkshire Fayre which I can confirm they enjoyed very much.

We have several events coming up our summer BBQ and tea party lots of activities including a singer and some birds of prey. Please come and enjoy the event with us.

Some of the residents are going to see Jane McDonald at Brid Spa and we have a trip planned to a local garden centre.

The manager is in the process of liaising with a local nursery school to maintain links with the younger generation and for the young ones to learn about the history of our residents will keep you updated with progress.